High Frequency Trading

Low latency wireless communication is currently used in automated high frequency trading. Principles of Prediction's Virtual Laboratory is tailored towards the design of multi-band waveguide fed dish antennas. The Virtual Lab contours the geometry of coaxial waveguide feed systems in conjunction with shaping dual reflector systems to achieve minimal latency while offering improved signal integrity.

Phase encoding with such a coaxial waveguide fed dish antenna allows reliable trade transmission with a single low latency pulse.

By introducing corrugation and affixing cavities to the waveguide system it is possible to nearly eliminate standing waves between the subreflector and feed system. This effectively reduces the resistivity of the antenna system.

Moreover, a prudent choice of waveguide and reflector geometry can align the phase center of the beams launched by such a dish antenna. This improves signal integrity and contributes to lower latency as well.